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Secrets and Spies - Behind the scenes stories of World War II
1 Secrets and Spies - Behind the scenes stories of World War II
Pleasantville, New York The Reader's Digest 1964 Hard Cover Good - the book is tight with text and images bright and without markings No Dust Jacket 

Price: 5.00 USD
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Kill or Get Killed, Applegate, Col. Rex
2 Applegate, Col. Rex Kill or Get Killed
Harrisburg, PA The Stackpole Company 1961 Paperback Acceptable - cover with much wear, text and photo illustrations are clean and bright 
This is the best and longest-selling book on close combat in history. Reprinted and in current use by the U.S. Marine Corps as an official training manual, it details methods of self-defense, offensive close combat, combat shooting and crowd-control techniques in riot situations. Colonel Rex Applegate is widely regarded as the father of modern close combat and combat shooting, and this book is considered the standard by which all other books on the subject are judged. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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The Inn of The Sixth Happiness, Burgess, Alan
3 Burgess, Alan The Inn of The Sixth Happiness
New York Bantam Books Dec 1957 3rd Printing Paper Back AcceptableMuch wear through the years and discoloration of pages due to aging. 
The c]Chinese called her Hsiao Ru-jeh - The Small Woman Alone, friendless, penniless, she traveled across Siberia, fought off rape, murder and kidnapping to reach a remote mountain city in China Penetrated the Court of the Concubines of a powerful Mandarin ruler and converted him to Christianity. Fell in love with a Chinese Nationalist officer Spied against the Japanese Army Led one hundred hopeless orphans across the wild mountains in an epic trek to safety, when all China was a battlefield. The magnificent true story of a courageous English girl in war torn China, who defied the whole Japanese Army, cowed bandits, and singlehandedly rescued a hundred homeless waifs - "astonishing...fascinating...amazing..." - New York Times 
Price: 1.50 USD
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The Password is Courage, Castle, John
4 Castle, John The Password is Courage
New York Ballantine Books 1957 Second Printing Paper Back Good 
He fought a non-man war from behind the German lines. 
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10,000 Eyes, Collier, Richard
5 Collier, Richard 10,000 Eyes
New York Pyramid Books 1958 Paper Back Good 
The amazing true story of the spy network that cracked Hitler's Atlantic Wall before D-Day 
Price: 2.00 USD
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A Man Escaped, Devigny, Andre
6 Devigny, Andre A Man Escaped
New Yoor Berkley Books 1959 Berkley Edition, July 1959 Paper Back Good 
An impossible escape from he condemned cell of a Gestapo fortress - a story as gripping as The Wooden Horse and Escape from Colditz The Nazi-held Fortress of Montluc in Lyons, France, was a closely-guarded Gestapo prison. Famous for its cruelty and terror, it was considered escape proof, and no French-man ever left except on a blanket-covered stretcher. Only one man dared the impossible - Andre' Devigney, an officer of the French Underground. Despite starvation and beatings, he was determined to get out. This is his amazing story - how he learns to take apart his cell door to explore the prison layout at night, how he fashions grappling irons and ropes from practically nothing and hides these in his cell - under the very noses of his tormentors..... This is the thrill story of how he and a companion ingeniously overcame barred doors, barbed wire, giant walls, and German guns. 
Price: 1.50 USD
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Operation Sea Lion, Fleming, Peter
7 Fleming, Peter Operation Sea Lion
Simon and schuster 1957 Hardcover Good 
The projected invasion of England in 1940 - An account of the German preparations and the British countermeasures. 
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Hiroshima, Hersey, John
8 Hersey, John Hiroshima
New York Bantam books Bantam Pathfinder Edition - 34th Printing Paper Back Good - there is a small amount of underlining. 
Hiroshima is John Hersey's timeless and compassionate account of the catastrophic event which heralded the coming of the atomic age. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author went to Japan, while the ashes of Hiroshima were still warm, to interview the survivors of the first atomic bombing. His trip resulted in this world-famous document, the most significant piece of journalism of modern times. "Nothing that can be said about this book," The New York Times wrote, "can equal what the book has to say. It speaks for itself, and, in an unforgettable way, for humanity." 
Price: 1.50 USD
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The Order of the Death's Head the story of Hitler's SS, Hohne, Heinz
9 Hohne, Heinz The Order of the Death's Head the story of Hitler's SS
New York Ballentine Books First Printing Oct 1971 345023994195 Paper Back Like New 
The Most Macabre elite in modern history - Their uniform was black and they were the terror of a nation. their badge was the death's head, their rune the twin lightning bolds of death, for they murdered men in the millions. they were in charge of the police and the secret service. From their deadly ranks came the sentries of the Reich Chancellery and the guards in the death camps. They manned the divisions which carried the death's head symbol from one end of Europe to the other. They were the NAZI SS Now, their complete story is told for the first time I superbly documented detail., with the aid of secret papers never before available. Absorbing, terrifying, true, this account of the Hitler SS has all "the fascination of a night mare." - Los Angeles Times 
Price: 3.00 USD
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Spandau Phoenix, Iles, Greg
10 Iles, Greg Spandau Phoenix
new York Signet Book 1993 0451179803 / 9780451179807 Paperback Good "Sept 97" inside cover 
The Spandau Diary - what was it? Why did the secret intelligence agencies of every major power want it? Why was a brave and beautiful woman kidnapped and sexually tormented to get it? Why did a chain of deception and violent death lash out across the glove, from survivors of the Nazi past to warriors in the new conflict now about to explode? Why did the world's entire history of World War II have to be rewritten as the future hung over a nightmare abyss? 
Price: 1.50 USD
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Blood on The Shores, Lenov, Viktor
11 Lenov, Viktor Blood on The Shores
Ivy Books 1993 0804107327 / 9780804107327 Paperback Good - "JCT" inside cover 
From the Arctic circle to the shores of Japan, Russia's most famous naval scout describes his deadly missions in the Soviet Navy's World War II version of the U.S. Navy's SEALs. Whether raiding, capturing German officers or vectoring air strikes, the scouts exhibited the daring that made the Russian commandos' exploits legendary. 
Price: 1.50 USD
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Goodbye, Darkness - A memoir of the Pacific War, Manchester, William
12 Manchester, William Goodbye, Darkness - A memoir of the Pacific War
New York Dell Publishing 1980 0440329078 / 9780440329077 Paper Back Fair - "Mar 29 - 97" written inside cover with some underlinging noted through out the book.All pages are present and spine is without defect. 
William Manchester has written powerfully about others - John F. Kennedy, the Rockefellers, Douglas MacArthur. Now he writes about himself and his years as a marine in the World War Ii Pacific theater. Manchester was on Guadalcanal and later, in 1945, on Okinawa when most of his unit fell amid the war's bloodiest carnage ... where he faced a duel to the death with a Japanese sniper. Not just a graphic picture of America's war with Japan, this is a catharsis of the author's soul, a searingly intimate account of what makes a man fight with courage ... and with heart. 
Price: 2.00 USD
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Six bells off Java,: A narrative of one man's private miracle, McDougall, Jr. William H.
13 McDougall, Jr. William H. Six bells off Java,: A narrative of one man's private miracle
Printed in the United States 1948 Hardcover Good - there a few markings / underlines rough edges 

Price: 25.00 USD
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Dress Rehearsal, The story of Dieppe, Reynolds, Quentin
14 Reynolds, Quentin Dress Rehearsal, The story of Dieppe
New York Random House 1943 Third printing Hard Cover Good - has previous owners stamp inside cover No dust jacket 

Price: 6.00 USD
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Piece of Cake, Robinson, Derek
15 Robinson, Derek Piece of Cake
Alfred A. Knof, Inc 1983 0394532929 / 9780394532929 Hard Cover Very Good - Slight nicks in the Dust Jacket 
Piece of Cake is much more than just a very well written war novel - which it is. In Piece of Cake, aviation author Derek Robinson uses the small group genre by focuses on the notional "Hornet squadron" as a means to bring to light many of the Royal Air Force's doctrinal, equipment and personnel deficiencies in the first year of the Second War. Piece of Cake is also a darn good examination of character and leadership - or lack of - in warfare. Typically, "the few" who flew for Britain in 1939-1941 are presented as an exemplary elite, who sacrificed themselves for the greater good. In Piece of Cake, Robinson may have angered those who favored such a hallowed historiography, but he gives the reader a greater insight into what was probably much closer to the actual mark in Fighter Command in this early phase of the war. Indeed, it would be fair to rank Piece of Cake among the best war novels ever written. Robinson's plot line follows the notional Hornet Squadron from 1 September 1939 to 15 September 1940, and the unit is equipped with Hurricane I and II fighters (not Spitfires, as in the film version). The reader is presented with three different leadership styles in the squadron leaders: the self-destructive style of Ramsey, the arrogant style of Rex and the fatalistic style of "Fanny" Barton. The squadron adjutant "Uncle" Kellaway and the intelligence officer "Skull" Skelton also add considerable depth on the human and scientific sides of warfare. The pilots themselves are a pretty stock bunch, as they are in most Robinson novels, with the exceptions of the sociopath "Moggy" Cattermole and the American, Chris Hart. Indeed, one of the major differences between the book and the film is the relationship between "Moggy" and Squadron Leader Rex, which is never explained in the film. In the book, Robinson paints "Moggy" in the role of the "squadron enforcer," who is fiercely loyal to Rex due to perks provided. Indeed, "Moggy" even kills to protect Rex, which is odd for a character that displays no loyalty to anyone else in the squadron. Robinson's portrayal of the RAF's inadequate tactics and doctrine is quite interesting. In particular, the large formation "fighting area attacks" put the RAF at a major disadvantage against the Luftwaffe's more fluid "finger four" tactics. Indeed, through A Piece of Cake, the reader is presented with a year's worth of tactical and doctrinal evolution in the RAF, with the initial faulty methods yielding grudgingly to more sensible means of waging air warfare. Robinson also seems to include every fighter pilot "lesson learned" in A Piece of Cake, which makes the novel virtually a primer for dog fighting (e.g. never climb away from the sun, don't always break left - the favored direction). Yet despite Hornet Squadron's tactical improvements, Robinson shows that survival in warfare still comes down to a certain matter of luck, as even the veteran pilots succumb to mistakes and fatigue. Few other accounts of the Battle of Britain demonstrate how punishing the August-September 1940 campaign was to RAF fighter squadrons as well as Robinson's fictional account. Probably the only defect in A Piece Cake is the lack of perspective from the enemy side. In Robinson's later A Good Clean Fight, he does provide some insight from the enemy perspective, but this is lacking in A Piece of Cake. The number of squadron veteran pilots is ever dwindling in the face of the massed Luftwaffe attacks, but the results are uncertain given Skull's exposure of dubious pilot "kill" claims. In Robinson's novel, the reader is unsure who is actually winning the Battle of Britain (certainly the actual participants would have been uncertain at that moment, too), but it is suggested that the British are exaggerating their "kill" claims for propaganda purposes. Certainly in retrospect, the Battle of Britain seems more like a "goal line stand" than an outright victory, but Robinson's portrayal may strike some readers (armed with knowledge of the end result) as ambiguous or even defeatist in tone. Furthermore, the Luftwaffe also suffered from faulty doctrine (being designed as a tactical, not a strategic bombing force) and inadequate equipment (short-range Me-109s, the clumsy Me-110). If Robinson had provided a bit of enemy perspective, even with a captured pilot or two, this might have shown that the campaign was punishing and frustrating for both sides. - By R. A Forczyk (MD, USA) 
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With Rommel inn the Desert, Schmidt, H. W.
16 Schmidt, H. W. With Rommel inn the Desert
New York Ballantine Books 1967 First print August 1967 Paper Back Very Good 
Field-Marshal Erwin Rommel - they called him "the desert fox," for he was a master of desert war, brilliant daring, ready to gamble to the limit to win decisive victory. With Rommel in the desert In this book by Rommel's aide-de-camp, You will live by the side of the leader of the Afrika Korps as he plans and fits the most dazzling tank battles of World War II. her is the close-up portrait of Rommel in action - factual, unsentimental, supremely exciting. with 8 pages of photographs. 
Price: 1.50 USD
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Berlin Diary, Shirer, William L.
17 Shirer, William L. Berlin Diary
New York Popular Library 1941 A book of the month club selection Paper Back Very Good 
The great best seller that records - hour by hour, day by day, the hell that was Hitler's Germany. Here is a great book by a great reporter, who covers not only events and people, but the pulse beat of a time and a place. "To those of us who witness Hitler building Nazi Germany into a machine for the destruction of human spirit, William Shirer's brilliant Dairy is an indispensable guide to the landscape of hell. It is as timely and vivid today as it was when the sickness of Nazism raged across the world. "To the new generation, living in these uncertain Sixties it provides not merely a magnificent reading experience, but an essential reminder of the monstrous depths and noble heights to which man has gone in our time. "This is no mere book; this is the flesh and blood of history at man's worst and finest hour." - Quentin Reynolds". 
Price: 3.00 USD
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The Murder of Admiral Darlan, Tompkins, Peter
18 Tompkins, Peter The Murder of Admiral Darlan
Simon and Schuster 1965 Hardcover Good - clean copy photos 16 pages of photos 
On Christmas Eve 1942, the Commander in Chief of the French Fleet, Admiral Jean Louis Francois Darlan, was assassinated in Algiers, which had been occupied by the Allies only a few weeks earlier. A supremely enigmatic figure, Darlan had reached a position of great power and influence, almost equal, in the hierarchy of Vichy France, to that of Marshal Petain himself. He was an obstacle to the plans of many people, all of whom breathed a sigh of relief as the news came of his death. But who murdered him? And for what reasons? The Murder of Admiral Darlan is an important and dramatic work of history. It is also a shocking exploration into the hidden depths of wartime power politics. 
Price: 5.00 USD
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Von Ryan's Express, Westheimer, David
19 Westheimer, David Von Ryan's Express
New York Signet Book 1965 First printing Jan 1965 Paper Back Good - "Dr. John Taylor" written inside front cover. pages are tinted due to aging 
Suspense mounts to the breaking point in Vo Ryan's express as an entire camp of British and American POWs - one thousand men - attempts to mass escape across hundreds of miles of Nazi held territory to Switzerland...led by the man they hate, by Von Ryan...the officer who delivered them to the enemy. "A taut exciting well keyed war novel...Ryan is a difficult hero to like, but he is a hero nonetheless .... Authentic ." - NY Herald Times 
Price: 6.99 USD
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The Marine - A quadalcanal survivors final battle, Wofford, Ben and William Richard White
20 Wofford, Ben and William Richard White The Marine - A quadalcanal survivors final battle
Naval Institute Press 2002 1557508801 / 9781557508805 Hard cover New 
"A time would come when I learned a different side of Death--a peaceful, caring side. Of the release from pain. We became old friends, Death and I. Thus it was that I felt sadness though not remorse when I saw Death's shadow in the background of a case that had come my way." Dr. Ben Wofford saw the approach of death in a terminal cancer patient of his. But he saw a great deal more. As he and William Richard White came to know one another while fighting a battle they both knew could not be won, they learned that they had shared an earlier battle, a half century before, in the hostile jungles of the Solomon Islands, in a place called Guadalcanal. The shared confidences and growing rapport between doctor and patient compelled Wofford to write this book, a mostly posthumous account of one Marine's struggles against the horrors of war and the postponement of death. This is the war in the Pacific that only veterans can tell. It is a reminder of the great debt a nation owes those who fight its battles. An unusual story about facing death in different ways and from different perspectives, it is both humbling and uplifting and echoes in the mind long after the pages are closed. 
Price: 28.95 USD
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