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Secrets and Spies - Behind the scenes stories of World War II
1 Secrets and Spies - Behind the scenes stories of World War II
Pleasantville, New York The Reader's Digest 1964 Hard Cover Good - the book is tight with text and images bright and without markings No Dust Jacket 

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Kill or Get Killed, Applegate, Col. Rex
2 Applegate, Col. Rex Kill or Get Killed
Harrisburg, PA The Stackpole Company 1961 Paperback Acceptable - cover with much wear, text and photo illustrations are clean and bright 
This is the best and longest-selling book on close combat in history. Reprinted and in current use by the U.S. Marine Corps as an official training manual, it details methods of self-defense, offensive close combat, combat shooting and crowd-control techniques in riot situations. Colonel Rex Applegate is widely regarded as the father of modern close combat and combat shooting, and this book is considered the standard by which all other books on the subject are judged. 
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John Brown's Body, Benet, Stephen Vincent
3 Benet, Stephen Vincent John Brown's Body
Chicago Ivan R. Dee Publisher 1990 092958726X / 9780929587264 Elephant Back Edition Paperback Good - highlighting present previous owners name and inscript inside cover 
One of the most widely read poems of our time, John Brown's Body is Stephen Vincent Benét's masterful retelling of the Civil War. A book of great energy and sweep, it swings into view the entire course of that terrible and decisive war, lighting up the lives of soldiers, leaders, and civilians, North and South, amidst the conflict. Generations of readers have found the book a compelling and moving experience. "Magnificently readable."―New Statesman. "It is not one of your tours de forces of intellect and technique, to be admired and then tucked away on the library shelf. It is a library of storytelling itself, a poem extraordinarily rich in action as well as actors, vivid, varied, and so expressive of many men and moods that prose could never have carried its electric burden."―Saturday Review. "A remarkable piece of imaginative reporting; and one in which not only the forces which make history are embodied in the speech and action of very diverse men and women but the ideas also of which these forces were the driving power."―London Times Literary Supplement. 
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Behold the Fire, Blankfort, Michael
4 Blankfort, Michael Behold the Fire
New York Signet Books 1965 First Print 1965 Paper Back Good 
Behold the Fire tells the incredible story of the NILI - an underground force of Palestinian Jews who dared to conspire against Turkish masters by acting as spies for the British Forces during World War I. Based on actual happenings, this impassioned book introduces us to the forgotten hero's - an insurrectionist poet, a world famous agronomist, an irreverent patriot, a young girl in love...to the men and women who built the bedrock foundation of a new nation - modern Israel 
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Kiloton Threat, Boykin, William G. LTG (Ret)
5 Boykin, William G. LTG (Ret) Kiloton Threat
B&H Publishing 2011 080544954X / 9780805449549 Paperback New 
Taken from what could be tomorrow's headlines, Kiloton Threat is a novel that explores the frightening potential of nuclear weapons in the Middle East today. Out of the house churches of rural Iran, a Christian masquerading as a Muslim gains the confidence of a high-ranking leader in the Iranian nuclear program and opens his eyes to Christianity. The man’s newfound faith stirs his desire to flee to the West, taking with him intelligence that would allow Coalition forces to neutralize his nation's devastating capabilities. But no one in such a position could ever escape unnoticed. Enter Blake Kershaw, a highly trained U.S. Special Forces officer who has already made extraordinary sacrifices for his country that include faking death and losing his true identity. His mission to infiltrate Iran and extract the high-value defector strains the relationship with the woman he loves— one of the few people on earth who knows his real story. With even more intensity, it shows the price that must sometimes be paid when political correctness fails and a man has to stand up for what is right. Praise for Kiloton Threat: "This fast-paced, ripped-from-the-headlines sequel by a founding member of the elite special operations unit Delta Force is packed with danger at every turn. It is sure to appeal to fans of Don Brown, Joel C. Rosenberg, and other authors of faith-based thrillers." Library Journal "LTG(R) Boykin has extracted his story straight from future headlines as he highlights the very serious threats posed by the Iranian nuclear rogram. This book is more reality than fiction as Blake Kershaw, a courageous young Special Forces officer, enters the dark world of espionage to try and stop the madness of the Iranian fanatics before they bring the world to the brink of a global nuclear conflict. This is a story that could unfold tomorrow." Frank Gaffney, founder and president, Center for Security Policy retail 15.99 Our Price 7.99 
Price: 7.99 USD
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The Greatest Generation, Brokaw, Tom
6 Brokaw, Tom The Greatest Generation
Random House 1998 0375502025 / 9780375502026 Hardcover Good None 
"In the spring of 1984, I went to the northwest of France, to Normandy, to prepare an NBC documentary on the fortieth anniversary of D-Day, the massive and daring Allied invasion of Europe that marked the beginning of the end of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. There, I underwent a life-changing experience. As I walked the beaches with the American veterans who had returned for this anniversary, men in their sixties and seventies, and listened to their stories, I was deeply moved and profoundly grateful for all they had done. Ten years later, I returned to Normandy for the fiftieth anniversary of the invasion, and by then I had come to understand what this generation of Americans meant to history. It is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced."          In this superb book, Tom Brokaw goes out into America, to tell through the stories of individual men and women the story of a generation, America's citizen heroes and heroines who came of age during the Great Depression and the Second World War and went on to build modern America. This generation was united not only by a common purpose, but also by common values--duty, honor, economy, courage, service, love of family and country, and, above all, responsibility for oneself. In this book, you will meet people whose everyday lives reveal how a generation persevered through war, and were trained by it, and then went on to create interesting and useful lives and the America we have today. "At a time in their lives when their days and nights should have been filled with innocent adventure, love, and the lessons of the workaday world, they were fighting in the most primitive conditions possible across the bloodied landscape of France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, and the coral islands of the Pacific. They answered the call to save the world from the two most powerful and ruthless military machines ever assembled, instruments of conquest in the hands of fascist maniacs. They faced great odds and a late start, but they did not protest. They succeeded on every front. They won the war; they saved the world. They came home to joyous and short-lived celebrations and immediately began the task of rebuilding their lives and the world they wanted. They married in record numbers and gave birth to another distinctive generation, the Baby Boomers. A grateful nation made it possible for more of them to attend college than any society had ever educated, anywhere. They gave the world new science, literature, art, industry, and economic strength unparalleled in the long curve of history. As they now reach the twilight of their adventurous and productive lives, they remain, for the most part, exceptionally modest. They have so many stories to tell, stories that in many cases they have never told before, because in a deep sense they didn't think that what they were doing was that special, because everyone else was doing it too. "This book, I hope, will in some small way pay tribute to those men and women who have given us the lives we have today--an American family portrait album of the greatest generation."                  In this book you'll meet people like Charles Van Gorder, who set up during D-Day a MASH-like medical facility in the middle of the fighting, and then came home to create a clinic and hospital in his hometown. You'll hear George Bush talk about how, as a Navy Air Corps combat pilot, one of his assignments was to read the mail of the enlisted men under him, to be sure no sensitive military information would be compromised. And so, Bush says, "I learned about life." You'll meet Trudy Elion, winner of the Nobel Prize in medicine, one of the many women in this book who found fulfilling careers in the changed society as a result of the war. You' 
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The Holy War, Bunyan, John
7 Bunyan, John The Holy War
Oliphant Anderson and Ferrier 1894 Hardcover Good - From the library of Edward Ashurst Welch, Library stamp inside cover 
Made by Shaddai upon DDiabolus for the regaining of the world; or, the losing and taking of the town of Mansoul 
Price: 40.00 USD
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The Inn of The Sixth Happiness, Burgess, Alan
8 Burgess, Alan The Inn of The Sixth Happiness
New York Bantam Books Dec 1957 3rd Printing Paper Back AcceptableMuch wear through the years and discoloration of pages due to aging. 
The c]Chinese called her Hsiao Ru-jeh - The Small Woman Alone, friendless, penniless, she traveled across Siberia, fought off rape, murder and kidnapping to reach a remote mountain city in China Penetrated the Court of the Concubines of a powerful Mandarin ruler and converted him to Christianity. Fell in love with a Chinese Nationalist officer Spied against the Japanese Army Led one hundred hopeless orphans across the wild mountains in an epic trek to safety, when all China was a battlefield. The magnificent true story of a courageous English girl in war torn China, who defied the whole Japanese Army, cowed bandits, and singlehandedly rescued a hundred homeless waifs - "astonishing...fascinating...amazing..." - New York Times 
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The Earth is the Lord's, Caldwell, Taylor
9 Caldwell, Taylor The Earth is the Lord's
Bantam Books 1957 Paperback Acceptable - Pages are tanned due to age and shelf wear 
The Barbarian like a black wind he swept out of the untamed deserts of Mongolia and conquered the world. Taylor Caldwell, one of America's best known novelists, vividly recreates the cruelties, the lusts, the battles and triumphs of Genghis Khan in this magnificently exciting historical novel! The story of the man who ruled the earth, and the woman who ruled him. 
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The Password is Courage, Castle, John
10 Castle, John The Password is Courage
New York Ballantine Books 1957 Second Printing Paper Back Good 
He fought a non-man war from behind the German lines. 
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This Hallowed Ground, Catton, Bruce
11 Catton, Bruce This Hallowed Ground
Doubleday 1956 Hardcover Good 
First published in 1955, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Bruce Catton's classic account of the Civil War simultaneously captures the dramatic scope and intimate experience of that epic struggle in one brilliant volume. Covering events from the prelude of the conflict to the death of Lincoln, Catton blends a gripping narrative with deep, yet unassuming, scholarship to bring the war alive on the page in an almost novelistic way. It is this gift for narrative that led contemporary critics to compare this book to War and Peace, and call it a "modern Iliad." Now over fifty years old, This Hallowed Ground remains one of the best-loved and admired general Civil War books: a perfect introduction to readers beginning their exploration of the conflict, as well as a thrilling analysis and reimagining of its events for experienced students of the war. 
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Red Storm Rising, Clancy, Tom
12 Clancy, Tom Red Storm Rising
Berkley Publishing 1986 042510107X / 9780425101070 Paperback Good 
A chilling authentic vision of modern war. Red Storm Rising is as powerful as it is ambitious. Using the latest advancements in military technology, the world's superpowers battle on land, sea and air for ultimate global control. it is a story you will never forget. hard-hitting, suspenseful, and frighteningly read. 
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10,000 Eyes, Collier, Richard
13 Collier, Richard 10,000 Eyes
New York Pyramid Books 1958 Paper Back Good 
The amazing true story of the spy network that cracked Hitler's Atlantic Wall before D-Day 
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The Spy, Cooper, James Fenimore
14 Cooper, James Fenimore The Spy
Popular Library Paperback Very good 
The spy was a mysterious stranger who, one dayearly in the American Revolution, found his way to a Virginia plantation and asked for lodging. Was he the simple peddler he claimed to be? Or a British agent in disguise? Or was he General Washington's personal emissary on a mission that would change the course of history? 
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The Red Badge of Courage, Crane, Stephen
15 Crane, Stephen The Red Badge of Courage
Washington Square Press Book 1964 Paperback Acceptable - 
Every reader of The Red Badge of Courage will agree that Stephen Crane was one of the great American writers. This novel, a monument to his enormous talent, is at once a stunning tale of action in the Civil War and a deeply moving story that touches both the mind and the heart. A more satisfying American war novel has never been written! 
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A Man Escaped, Devigny, Andre
16 Devigny, Andre A Man Escaped
New Yoor Berkley Books 1959 Berkley Edition, July 1959 Paper Back Good 
An impossible escape from he condemned cell of a Gestapo fortress - a story as gripping as The Wooden Horse and Escape from Colditz The Nazi-held Fortress of Montluc in Lyons, France, was a closely-guarded Gestapo prison. Famous for its cruelty and terror, it was considered escape proof, and no French-man ever left except on a blanket-covered stretcher. Only one man dared the impossible - Andre' Devigney, an officer of the French Underground. Despite starvation and beatings, he was determined to get out. This is his amazing story - how he learns to take apart his cell door to explore the prison layout at night, how he fashions grappling irons and ropes from practically nothing and hides these in his cell - under the very noses of his tormentors..... This is the thrill story of how he and a companion ingeniously overcame barred doors, barbed wire, giant walls, and German guns. 
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the Vietnam Experience, America Takes Over, Doyle,, Edward
17 Doyle,, Edward the Vietnam Experience, America Takes Over
Boston Publishing 1982 0939526034 / 9780939526031 hardcover Good none 
The editors of Time-Life Books have produced another exciting series: The Vietnam Experience. The details of when America Takes Over are brought to you in wonderful detail through vivid photography and engaging, informative text. 
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War or Peace, Dulles, John Foster
18 Dulles, John Foster War or Peace
The Macmillan Company 1950 Paperback Acceptable - Text pages are clean, cover with a bit of wear to it. 
A crucial question of our day - and on its answer may depend the very existence of each of us. John Foster Dulles here issues a clarion call: "Let us mobilize for peace!" Peace, he says, requires strategic planning, wiliness to sacrifice, and impulsion of a righteous faith. If we summon up these qualities now, rather than reserve their use for war, our generation can accomplish what no other has - the establishment of lasting peace. 
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Vietnam-Perkasie, Ehrhart, W. D.
19 Ehrhart, W. D. Vietnam-Perkasie
Zebra books 1985 082171614X / 9780821716144 Paperback Good 
A true story of survival When Ehrhart came home to Perkasie, PA he was a Marine Corps Sergeant who killed for his country - but he wasn't old enough to buy a beer or own a car in his own name. Much worse, though, no one understood the terrible rage in his soul. Coming home, for Ehrhart, was a different kind of war - a war just as dangerous in its way as the war he'd left behind. 
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Devil's Guard, Elford, George Robert
20 Elford, George Robert Devil's Guard
New York Dell Publishing 1971 Paper Back Like New 
Recently in a tiny Asian kingdom perched high in the Himalayas, author George Robert Elford met a former German SS officer who for five years fought as mercenary for the French Foreign Legion in Indochina. Repelled yet fascinated by his unregenerate Nazi's first hand account of what happed during those blood-drenched years, Elford gain his permission to record his story. Only the man's name has been changed. All the rest is shockingly true. if ever there was a document to real the inner workings of Nazi mind, and the true nature of military madness, this is the book. "A disquieting document, a sickening close-up of war." - Kirkus Service 
Price: 50.00 USD
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