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With Bob Sheperd Singing Gospel and inspirational music, along with seasonal tunes, to take seniors down memory lane. Singing throughout the upstate and neighboring states. For more information please visit thecornerstones-hp.com

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Exploring the titanic, Basllard, Robert D.
1 Basllard, Robert D. Exploring the titanic
Madison Press Books 1990 0590419528 / 9780590419529 Paperback like New Ken Marschall 
The people shivering in the lifeboats cannot believe their eyes. The large, luxurious and "unsinkable" Titanic is actually sinking. Within moments the lights of the Titanic will go out forever as the great ship plunges to the bottom of the ocean. It is a night the world will never forget. Thirteen thousand feet beneath the sea, Robert Ballard peers through the porthole of his tine submarine. He hopes to be the first person in 74 years to see the legendary lost Titanic. Suddenly he lets out a gasp. Rising before him is a massive wall of black steel..... 
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Charleston A Bloomsbury House and Garden, Bell, Quentin & Virginia Nicholson
2 Bell, Quentin & Virginia Nicholson Charleston A Bloomsbury House and Garden
New York Henry Holt and Company 1997 0805055851 / 9780805055856 Hard cover Very Good Yes Photography by Allen MacWeeney 
This volume encapsulates the artistic sensibility and casual sophistication of the Bloomsbury Group. In 1916, Virginia Woolf wrote to her sister, Vanessa Bell, that though the farmhouse at Charleston in Sussex was primitive, " you could make it lovely. " Six months later, Bell moved in and, treating the house as a blank canvas, went on to create a treasury of Bloomsbury art. As the best remaining example of the decorative style of Duncan Grant and Vanessa bell, Charleston presents the visitor with insights into the art of the Bloomsbury Group. The book provides family memories and anecdotes drawn from a lifetime`s experience of Charleston. Each room links the interiors with some of the leading cultural figures of the 20th century, guests such as Vanessa`s sister Virginia Woolf and Lytton Strachey. Specially commissioned photographs portray the esence of the Bloomsbury style both throughout the house, with its painted furniture and walls, decorative items and paintings and in the garden. 
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Mostly in Clover, Boyle, Harry J.
3 Boyle, Harry J. Mostly in Clover
New York E. P. Dutton 7 co., Inc 1964 Hardcover Good - unmarked Pieces missing around edge. 
Mostly in clover, Harry Boyle's first book, is a lively series of reminiscences of his childhood spent on a farm in Huron County, Ontario. With a winning lend of nostalgia and amusement, he writes of the people and events, the trials, triumphs, tears and laughter which stand out most boldly in his recollections of his boyhood. Yet for all its charm, his account is essentially realistic. Mr. Boyle has skillfully refrained from apply to the past a coating of sugary sentimentalism. 
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Anthology for Musical Analysis, Burkhart, Charles
4 Burkhart, Charles Anthology for Musical Analysis
Wadsworth 1994 0030553180 / 9780030553189 Fifth Spiral Good condition - clean copy has a few corners turned down. 
Medieval and Renaissance Music, Baroque Compositions, Classical Compositions, Romantic compositions, Modern Compositions, Two Jazz Forms: Blues and Rhythm Changes and chorale Harmonization's. 
Price: 6.00 USD
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Remembering C. S. Lewis: Recollections of Those Who Knew HIm, Combo, James T.
5 Combo, James T. Remembering C. S. Lewis: Recollections of Those Who Knew HIm
San Fransisco Ignatius Press 2005 1586171089 / 9781586171087 Paperback Previous Owners name inside cover 
Inthis intimate, candid, and sometimes surprising community biography of the celebrated author and Christian apologist, twenty-four men and women who knew C.S. Lewis--as teacher, colleague, friend--offer their reminiscences and impressions of the complex man behind the critical and academic acclaim. Through their recollections, we see "Jack" Lewis dazzling Oxford as he takes on atheists, materialists, and a host of other challengers. Most poignantly, we see him in everyday settings: striding up and down the platform at a railroad station, presiding over leisurely dinners with students, expounding on the virtues of the pub. "The net effect of this collection," said the Catholic Review, "is to make us feel that we know Lewis as well as [his] friends." And to quote the New Yorker, "The heterogeneity of the contributors assures a variety of Lewises, but certain traits appear in all these accounts: intelligence, imagination, gusto, a sense of fun, and, most frequently, magnanimity." 
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Drama for all Seasons, Danielson, Esther J.
6 Danielson, Esther J. Drama for all Seasons
Lima, Ohio CSS Publishing Company, Inc. 2000 0788017640 / 9780788017643 Comb Binding Like New 
Esther Danielson is gifted with a dynamic creativity, which is expressed through refreshing dramatic material. She writes interesting, appealing scripts which hold the audience. The sketches involve believable characters whose conversation is natural, often humorous, and quite insightful. Phil Crosby Minister of Music and Senior Adults Parkway Baptist Church St. Louis, Missouri In a time when our culture is becoming dominated by visual modes of communication such as television, movies, videos, and computer games, church people are recognizing the need to keep up with the trends. Drama is a useful tool in the work of the church: it adds interest and variety; it can reveal new insights on spiritual truths; and it appeals to all ages while being non-threatening for those unused to regular church services. This collection of easy-to-perform sketches includes both seasonal drama and pieces for any time of the year. They're suitable for worship services, social programs, or other occasions, as well as just-for-fun reading. Most have a performance time of less than five minutes, and few props are required. Anyone who has been engaged in the neverending search for quality dramatic material will be delighted to discover this collection of witty, well-written, biblically-based scripts that are easy to stage and require minimal props and scenery. The variety of styles -- choral readings, sketches, and even a radio play -- coupled with the diversity of subject matter -- gossip, evangelism, and vivid pictures of Bible characters -- make these scripts usable throughout the church year as service starters, worship enhancers, and dramatic sermons. Brian Maxwell Drama Director, Bible Baptist College Worship Director, Heritage Baptist Church Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania How exciting the hearing of God's Word can be during worship with the use of these sketches! They truly make the Bible come alive. The sketches also provide wonderful and innovative opportunities for intergenerational and lay participation in worship.... They facilitate the discussion of scripture by allowing audiences to experience the emotion of the characters in the story. Mary Evelyn Bedenbaugh Minister of Education and Administration Hillsboro Presbyterian Church Nashville, Tennessee Esther Danielson writes with Biblical understanding, and while her material is emotional and expressive, she does not allow ""artistic license"" to blur or add to the teaching of scriptural truth. I also appreciate that she writes for ""the common person."" Many of the participants in our drama ministry had never considered ""acting"" before, let alone using such a medium for ministry. Yet they were able to relate readily to the scripts and found themselves using a talent that in some cases they didn't even know they possessed. Every time we used Danielson's material, the ministry of the Word through artistic expression was effective in reaching people.... You will surely find yourself drawn into the Biblical text in a new and fresh way as you use these dramatic vignettes to enhance your people's interest in and attention to the Word of God. Rev. David R. Wilson Pastor, Bridgewater Baptist Church Montrose, Pennsylvania Esther J. Danielson is an artist and freelance writer who lives in Lake Arrowhead, California. She attended Eastern Nazarene College in Wollaston, Massachusetts, and Mira Costa College in Oceanside, California. 
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A Hoosier Parson His Boosts and Bumps, Daughtery, Edgar Fay
7 Daughtery, Edgar Fay A Hoosier Parson His Boosts and Bumps
Boston, Mass The Meade Press 1951 Hardcover Good condition with wear to it. 

Price: 8.00 USD
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A Pioneer Missionary In the Twentieth Century, Florent D, Toirac
8 Florent D, Toirac A Pioneer Missionary In the Twentieth Century
Florent D. Toirac 1988 Paper back Very good 
This book follows the life of a boy as he earnestly gives everything he has to follow God and preach the Gospel wherever the Lord tells him to go. It is full of more than 50 years of memories, adventures and miracles along the way. Florent Toirac took the words, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few" to heart. What an inspiration his story is! 
Price: 25.00 USD
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Fifty Shades of Grace, Freedom Smith a division of Worthy Media
9 Freedom Smith a division of Worthy Media Fifty Shades of Grace
Worthy Publishing 2012 1605874272 / 9781605874272 Paperback Good - few marks inside 
The phenomenal success of the Fifty Shades series has caught the publishing world and reading public by storm. The Christian community has found the book to be nothing short of written word pornography. Freeman-Smith Publishing uses the similarity of a title to show that God’s Grace is not only a better read but comes in a variety of circumstances and experiences. 
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Too wet to plow: Americana and homespun philosophy in beautiful prose, poetry, and art, Fuis, Frank Jr.
10 Fuis, Frank Jr. Too wet to plow: Americana and homespun philosophy in beautiful prose, poetry, and art
Pompano Beach, Florida Exposition Press of Florida, Inc. 1985 0682488445 / 9780682488440 Second Edition, fourth printing Hardcover Very Good Yes 
This book deals with the everyday activities, homespun philosophy, and human values that make up the sum total of our great heritage. With the philosophy that there is beauty in simplicity, the material touches at the unaffected ways known to the author and the fine people with who he lived and worked for over half a century. 
Price: 3.50 USD
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Underboss - Sammy the Bull Gravano's Story of Life in the Mafia, Maas, Peter
11 Maas, Peter Underboss - Sammy the Bull Gravano's Story of Life in the Mafia
New York Harper Paperbacks 1997 0061096644 / 9780061096648 Paperback Good 
Sammy the Bull Gravano's Story of Life in the Mafia Sammy the Bull Gravano is the highest ranking member of the Mafia in America ever to defect. Second in command to John Gotti in the nation's most powerful crime family, Granvano's eyewitness testimony sent Gotti, the so-called "Teflon Don," to prison for the rest of his life. In breaking his blood oath of silence, Sammy the Bull brings us, as never before, into the uppermost inner sanctums of Cosa Nostra as if we were there ourselves - a secret underworld of power, lust, greed, betrayal, and deception, with the Specter of violent death always waiting in the wings. 
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Petroglyphs - ancient Language / sacred art, Moore, Sabra
12 Moore, Sabra Petroglyphs - ancient Language / sacred art
Santa Fe, New Mexico Clear Light Publishers 2003 1574160753 / 9781574160758 Paperback Like New 
This book is an enticing introduction to this unique art form, its range, diversity and location as well as a record of many sites that are endangered or damaged or have recently been destroyed. As destruction by both vandals and the bulldozer continues, it is the author's hope that this book will bring greater public awareness to a fragile and irreplaceable heritage. 
Price: 3.00 USD
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The Atlas of Medieval Man, Platt, Colin
13 Platt, Colin The Atlas of Medieval Man
New York St Martin's Press 1980 0312059930 / 9780312059934 Hardcover Like New Yes 
Provides an overview of the world that spans 5 centuries & an astonishing period of human progress. It begins in the year 1000 & ends in 1500 -- soon after Columbus is known to have reached the New World. Each chapter covers a century & charts the concurrent developments -- in politics, religion, warfare, exploration, technology, &, chiefly, material culture -- that occurred in the known parts of the world during those 500 years. Emphasizes the arts & architecture but also outlines the historical background to each century, introducing the major events & the social & political forces that were instrumental in shaping the cultures of the world. Color & black & white illustrations 
Price: 10.00 USD
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Left For Dead, Quinn, Dick
14 Quinn, Dick Left For Dead
Minneapolis, MN R. F. Quinn Publishing Co. 1993 0963283901 / 9780963283900 Third Printing Paperback Like New 
Left for Dead by Dick Quinn is a true story. "Left for dead by his doctors after a 1978 heart attack and failed bypass surgery, Dick Quinn discovered an herb that saved his life." "Left For Dead tells his remarkable story and shows how he controls blood pressure and cholesterol, clean arteries, prevents heart attack and enjoys a wonderful quality of life without drugs or special diets." 
Price: 3.00 USD
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Natural Disasters, the Earth, Its Wonders, Its Secrets, Readers Digest
15 Readers Digest Natural Disasters, the Earth, Its Wonders, Its Secrets
Readers digest 1997 0895779153 / 9780895779151 Hardcover Hardcover - bright and clean None 
This book reveals the hidden stories behind natural phenomena, exploring and explaining both the familiar and the unusual in an entertaining, accessible text and magnificent full-color photographs. Content: Land and Sea on the Move, The Shift Surface, The Restless Air and Freaks of Nature. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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More buying choices for    Music Play: The Early Childhood Music Curriculum Guide for Parents, Teachers & Caregivers (Jump Right in Perschool) (Spiral-bound), Reynolds, Alison M.
16 Reynolds, Alison M. More buying choices for Music Play: The Early Childhood Music Curriculum Guide for Parents, Teachers & Caregivers (Jump Right in Perschool) (Spiral-bound)
GIA Publications 1998 1579990274 / 9781579990275 Book 1 - Jump Right in preschool series spiral bound Like new (CD not included) 

Price: 10.00 USD
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The Saga of Lewis & Clark into the uncharted West, Schmidt, Thomas and Jeremy
17 Schmidt, Thomas and Jeremy The Saga of Lewis & Clark into the uncharted West
Tehabi Books, Inc 1999 0789446383 / 9780789446381 First Edition Hardcover Very good yes 
Beautifully written and illustrated, this book follows Lewis and Clark from the inception of their expedition to their celebrated homecoming. In an effort to seek out -- and stake out -- the fabled Northwest Passage, Captains Lewis and Clark led the expedition from Missouri through uncharted territory to Oregon. They fought rivers, suffered sunstroke, encountered and befriended Indians, and survived hunger, fatigue, and sickness. The journals brought back by various members, excerpted here, present the first written account of the area west of the Mississippi, including the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase. Illustrations focus on running maps that serve as time lines, current photographs of still-virgin wilderness, annotated sketches selected from the hundreds of plants and animals (which the expedition documented for the first time), and artifacts created or first archived by Lewis and Clark themselves. 
Price: 12.00 USD
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Hymns of Faith, Tabernacle Press
18 Tabernacle Press Hymns of Faith
Carol Stream, Illinois tabernacle Publishing Company 1980 0916642143 / 9780916642143 Hardcover Very Good - Prious owners name is written inside cover otherwise a very clean book 
Price: 6.00 USD
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Love, Jack, Von Post, Gunilla
19 Von Post, Gunilla Love, Jack
New York Crown Publishers 1997 0609600958 / 9780609600955 Fourth edition Hardcover Very Good Yes 
He was a dashing young senator pursued by an Italian contessa and the imposing forces of his destiny.  She was a 21-year-old Swedish aristocrat away from home for the first time.  Their accidental meeting at a port in the Riviera changed both their lives forever. Spanning two continents and the Atlantic Ocean, unfolding over a six-year period beginning in 1953, Love, Jack is the story of a transcendent but heartbreaking love between two people at the peak of their youth and beauty, a love that seemed impossible but could not be denied.  Here is an intimate portrait of John Kennedy never before seen: a gentle, kind, and caring man, intensely passionate and full of life but a man who faces great difficulty adjusting to the demanding role history and his father have assigned him. Driven by his love for Gunilla von Post, Jack risked the sort of exposure that might have ruined his career and was willing to endure debilitating pain to cross the ocean for her.  For the sake of her passion, Gunilla risked the ostracism of her family and friends, ready to turn her back on the country she loved. Love, Jack is the heartwarming account of a history-making romance, a "brief, shining moment" before Camelot, before an assassin's bullets shattered the hopes of a nation a moment in time that Gunilla von Post is at last ready to share with the world. 
Price: 3.00 USD
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The Celebration Hymnal - Songs and Hymns for Worship, Word Music
20 Word Music The Celebration Hymnal - Songs and Hymns for Worship
Word Music / Integrity Music 1997 hardcover Very good - The pages are clean. 
Price: 6.00 USD
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