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Prophecy in Context
1 Prophecy in Context
Greenville, SC Journey Fourth, BJU Press 2008 1591668514 / 9781591668510 Paperback Like New 
In the Olivet Discourse, Christ answers His disciples questions about the future. Prophecy in Context offers a fresh perspective on this often misinterpreted portion of Scripture. Bob Shelton addresses each verse in its context, surveying topics such as the timing of the Rapture and what the ten virgins represent. This easy-to-read look at the Olivet Discourse clears the confusion surrounding Christ s prophetic words." 
Price: 5.00 USD
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The Unity of Isaiah, Allis, Oswald
2 Allis, Oswald The Unity of Isaiah
Baker Book House Paperback Good to very good 
A Study of Prophecy 
Price: 5.00 USD
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The Coming Prince, Anderson, Sir Robert
3 Anderson, Sir Robert The Coming Prince
Kegel 1982 0825421152 / 9780825421150 Paperback Very Good 
One of the most exhaustive works ever written on Daniel's Seventieth Week and the coming Antichrist, featuring a complete chronology. 
Price: 2.50 USD
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Rapture? Sure . . . but When?, Anderson, William E.
4 Anderson, William E. Rapture? Sure . . . but When?
Green Key Books 2003 0970599684 / 9780970599681 Paperback New 
In this insightful and thorough presentation, Anderson studies the history of the various rapture theories, explores the Scriptures for evidence, and offers convincing arguments for the case of the post-tribulational return of the Lord. Surely, every Christian would rather evade than endure persecution at the hands of the antichrist. However, if today's evangelical churches are teaching that we will not have to go through the tribulation while in truth we will not be so fortunate as to escape the antichrist's cruelty, then a grave injustice is being done in the preparation of God's chosen to stand firm and faithful in the face of extreme adversity. 
Price: 11.99 USD
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Truth about tomorrow: A study in Biblical prophecy: Adult teacher, Benson, John
5 Benson, John Truth about tomorrow: A study in Biblical prophecy: Adult teacher
Baptist Publications 1976 paperback Good - clean text pages 
Your heart will beat a little faster as you watch God fulfill every detail of prophecy. your hope will grow brighter as you learn more about the rapture. and your zeal to witness will intensify as you grasp the full impact of truth about tomorrow. 
Price: 7.00 USD
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Understanding a End Times Comprehensive Prophecy Approach, Benware, Paul N.
6 Benware, Paul N. Understanding a End Times Comprehensive Prophecy Approach
Moody Press 1995 0802490778 / 9780802490773 Paperback New 
Many Christians think of end times prophecy as a gigantic, intimidating puzzle -- difficult to piece together and impossible to figure out. But every puzzle can be solved if you approach it the right way. Paul Benware compares prophecy to a picture puzzle. Putting the edge pieces together first builds the 'framework' that makes it easier to fit the other pieces in their place. According to Benware, the framework for eschatology is the biblical covenants. He begins his comprehensive survey by explaining the major covenants. Then he discusses several different interpretations of end times prophecy. Benware digs into the details of the Rapture, the Great Tribulation, the judgements and resurrections, and the millennial kingdom. But he also adds a unique, personal element to the study, answering questions as:-Why study bible prophecy?-What difference does it make if I'm premillenial or amillenial? If what the Bible says about the future puzzles you, Understanding End Times Prophecy will help you put together the pieces and see the big picture. 
Price: 5.99 USD
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Assyria The Forgotten Nation in Prophecy, Booko, John
7 Booko, John Assyria The Forgotten Nation in Prophecy
John Booko Ministries 1992 First Printing Paperback Very good 

Price: 2.95 USD
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The Meaning of The Millennium, Clouse, Robert G.
8 Clouse, Robert G. The Meaning of The Millennium
IVP 1977 0877847940 / 9780877847946 Paperback Very Good 
Christ is coming again. Since the first century, Christians have agreed that Christ will return. But since that time there have also been many disagreements. How will Christ return? When will he return? What sort of kingdom will he establish? What is the meaning of the millennium? These questions persist today. Four major views on the millennium have had both a long history and a host of Christian adherents. In this book Robert G. Clouse brings together proponents of each view: George Eldon Ladd on historic premillenniallism, Herman A. Hoyt on dispensational premillennialism, Loraine Boettner on post-millennialism and Anthony A. Hoekema on amillennialism. After each view is presented, proponents of the three competing views respond from their own perspectives. Here you'll encounter a lively and productive debate among respected Christian scholars that will help you gain clearer and deeper understanding of the different ways the church approaches the meaning of the millennium. 
Price: 2.00 USD
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The Rise of Babylon, Dyer, Charles H.
9 Dyer, Charles H. The Rise of Babylon
Tyndale Publishing 1991 0842356185 / 9780842356183 Paperback Good 
Many people are curious--what does the Bible tell us about today's headlines from the Middle East? Is Armageddon just around the corner? What should Christians do? This book shows how Babylon and Iraq fit into the Bible's prophecies of last-day events. It brings understanding of God's plan in our perplexing age. It points readers to Jesus, the only source of security in today's tumultuous world. 
Price: 1.50 USD
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The American Prophecies Ancient Scriptures Reveal Our Nation's Future, Evans, Michael D.
10 Evans, Michael D. The American Prophecies Ancient Scriptures Reveal Our Nation's Future
Warner Books 2004 044652252X / 9780446522526 Hardcover New 
New York Times bestselling author Michael D. Evans explains ancient biblical prophecies about current events that affect America's role and destiny in the twenty-first century. 'Why do they hate us?' That's the anguished cry of Amer-icans who still seek an explanation for the terrorist attacks on the United States two years ago and the continued political violence against U.S. soldiers, diplomats, tourists, and missionaries. Today, Americans live in constant fear of the next major act of domestic terrorism-but instead of gaining international sympathy, the U.S. finds allied support more tepid than ever. Now, Michael D. Evans sheds light on political events from a prophetic perspective in a thought- provoking look at the biblical prophecies written more than 2,000 years ago that predicted these current hostilities. America is targeted, he says, because of its friendship with Israel, its foundation on Judeo-Christian principles, and its basis in democracy. He also warns that the attacks will continue and that Scripture predicts a demise for the United States if it compromises its allegiance to Israel and its constitution's moral foundations. Retail 18.95 our price 9.95 
Price: 9.95 USD
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THE RETURN: The world is about to experience history's most climactic event, Evans, Mike
11 Evans, Mike THE RETURN: The world is about to experience history's most climactic event
Thomas Nelson Publishing 1986 0840755015 / 9780840755018 Hardcover Very Good - previous owners name inside cover 

Price: 3.50 USD
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Hastening The Coming of the Messiah, Facius, Johannes
12 Facius, Johannes Hastening The Coming of the Messiah
Chosen Books 2003 080079334X / 9780800793340 Paperback New 
In "Hastening the Coming of the Messiah", Johannes Facius tackles the very topic which confuses so many today in the Church: Are the Jews finished? Were they merely a divine stepping-stone to something else? Do they still have a destiny? How do events in Israel relate to the return of Christ? And, can Christians be actively involved in fulfilling prophecy? This thought-provoking book will challenge you to play your part in hastening Christ's return. 
Price: 10.99 USD
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13 Faid, Robert W. Gorbachev! Has the real Antichrist Come?
Victory House Publishers 1988 0932081193 / 9780932081193 Paperback Very Good 
666 - The number of his name 
Price: 1.50 USD
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Prophecy and the Seventies, Feinberg, Charles Lee
14 Feinberg, Charles Lee Prophecy and the Seventies
Moody Press 1973 0802468985 / 9780802468987 paperback Very Good 
This prophetic study explores Scriptures to the subjects of Christ, the church, Israel and the Nations. 
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15 Ferguson, Larry E. Red River Rising
Xulon Press 2007 1604771941 / 9781604771947 Paperback Good - signed by author 
In a world of political shenanigans, religious ambiguity and public fears comes a book with understandable and keen insight to both Scripture and today's headlines. Larry Ferguson has struck a cord where common sense and truth merge with understanding today's world events in Biblical perspective. He is gentle but withholds no punches, in-depth but comprehensible. Christians and non-Christians alike will shout "Hallelujah" or "May Hades swallow him for saying that." Red River Rising is a masterful collage connecting the dots between alignments of nations and events prophesied two and half millennia ago with today's front-page headlines. Russia, Israel, Europe, Iran, Egypt, China and Arab/Muslim nations and their intentions explode with clarity. Larry answers the tough questions on the minds of all concerning Islamic-fascism and "What About America?" Many will love his candor. Others may not - but try arguing with it! "It gives me a great deal of joy to commend to you the Christ-honoring writing and teaching ministry of Larry Ferguson. Larry's prophecy conference, Red River Rising, and his book will capture your heart. Read it! Study it! You will be blessed." Dr. Johnny Hunt, Pastor First Baptist Church Woodstock, GA "Red River Rising is loaded with Biblical insights to help every believer better understand current world events in light of Bible prophecy." Dr. Ernest Easley, Pastor Roswell Street Baptist Church Marietta, GA "I have not seen another work that lays end time prophecy out so clearly. Red River Rising is more like reading an exciting mystery. Larry has hit a home run." Dr. Bob Childree, D.M.D Jasper, GA Larry Ferguson served seven years in the U.S. Army Special Forces and is a Vietnam veteran. His ministry spans over 35 years, 7 years as a pastor and 28 years in Bible conference work at home and abroad. He and his wife, Carol, live in north Georgia. 
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Approaching Hoofbeats the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Graham, Billy
16 Graham, Billy Approaching Hoofbeats the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Word Books 1983 0849903580 / 9780849903588 Hardcover Good - Inscription "1984 Merry Christmas! I love you Mama" on fly sheet in front. Good 
Compares the Book of Revelation with the current state of world affairs. Billy Graham equates the ancient symbols with the modern terrors that pursue us: war, violence, deception, economic chaos, unemployment, poverty, hunger, disease, and death. Dr. Graham's message is one of hope--practical, creative and clear direction for men and women, young and old, who will read and be transformed by this book. 
Price: 3.50 USD
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The church and the tribulation, Gundry, Robert H.
17 Gundry, Robert H. The church and the tribulation
Zondervan publishing 1973 Acceptable - some underlining and remarks throughout, the book is tight. 
In the opening chapter, Robert Gundry states, 'It is hoped that the following pages will contribute to an understanding and appreciation of the post-tribulational position and that it will do so in a manner characterized by 'wisdom from above. . . First pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy' (James 3:17).' In keeping with this expressed desire, the author presents his thesis regarding Christ's second coming, not as a polemical argument, but as a reasonable and tenable position. This book propounds the thesis that Jesus will return after the tribulation and that the first resurrection will occur at that time. Dr. Gundry believes that biblical evidence points most naturally to this conclusion. Because of his discerning analysis of Scripture, his careful logic, and the thoughtful presentation of his views, he is one of today's leading spokesmen for post-tribulational eschatology. 
Price: 6.00 USD
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Beginning of the End, Hagee, John
18 Hagee, John Beginning of the End
Thomas Nelson 1996 0785273700 / 9780785273707 Paperback New 
John Hagee tells the story to both the Christian and the Jew of the assassination of Yitzah Rabin, the Prime Minister of Israel, and how this was one event foretold by the prophets. He addresses the Jew by explaining how according to God's Word this event has and will effect the choices they make as a people and a nation. He calls Christians to be courageous, for God is in control. As someone who knew Prime Minister Rabin, he helps all to recognize the price of peacekeeping. Retail 10.99 Our price 7.99 
Price: 7.99 USD
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Beginning of the End, Hagee, John
19 Hagee, John Beginning of the End
Thomas Nelson Publishing 1996 0785273700 / 9780785273707 Hardcover Good - underlining throughout the book Yes 
John Hagee tells the story to both the Christian and the Jew of the assassination of Yitzah Rabin, the Prime Minister of Israel, and how this was one event foretold by the prophets. He addresses the Jew by explaining how according to God's Word this event has and will effect the choices they make as a people and a nation. He calls Christians to be courageous, for God is in control. As someone who knew Prime Minister Rabin, he helps all to recognize the price of peacekeeping. 
Price: 3.00 USD
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The Battle for Jerusalem, Hagee, John
20 Hagee, John The Battle for Jerusalem
Thomas Nelson Publishers 2001 0785267883 / 9780785267881 Hardcover New 
On September 28, 2000, retired Israeli General Ariel Sharon visited Jerusalem's historic Temple Mount under a cloud of tension. As he left, more than 200 Arab protesters surged forward, throwing stones and finally forcing Israeli police to fire upon the crowd. The incident launched a series of bloody battles that mirror conflicts between Arabs and Jews through the ages. Written in Pastor Hagee's no-holds-barred style, The Battle for Jerusalem explores the heart of the current conflict, the history behind the antagonism between Arabs and Jews, and the powerful significance of the thirty-five-acre parcel that is the most fiercely-contested real estate on the planet. He also discusses the most recent American election, and explains why President Bush will not be able to reach a peace accord in the Middle East. Must-reading for every concerned Christian and all who struggle to understand the unique and continually unresolved conflict in Israel, The Battle for Jerusalem takes a hard look at Israel, Arafat, and the United States… and illustrates how they fit into God's plan for the ages. Retail 22.99 Our Price 10.98 
Price: 10.98 USD
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