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Biography and History

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Biography and History

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Royal Service: My Twelve Years As Valet to Prince Charles, Barry, Stephen P.
1 Barry, Stephen P. Royal Service: My Twelve Years As Valet to Prince Charles
MacMillan Publishing 1983 0025074903 / 9780025074903 Hardcover Very Good - the book clean and like new, the cover with wear DS with shelf wear 
Before the public guessed all was not well with the Wales' fairy tale, Stephen Barry, valet to the prince for 12 years, provided "...a... look through the Royal key-hole...." 
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Let's Roll!: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage, Beamer, Lisa
2 Beamer, Lisa Let's Roll!: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage
Tyndale House 2002 0842373195 / 9780842373197 Hardcover very good 
Lisa Beamer was thrust into the national spotlight after her husband, Todd, led a counterattack against terrorists on United Flight 93. He--and all the other passenger heroes--lost their lives in a Pennsylvania field. But that plane was the only one of the four hijacked planes on 9-11 that didn't hit its target--most likely the White House or the Capitol. Todd's last known words, "Let's roll!" have become a rallying cry for the entire American nation to move ahead in hope, courage, and faith, despite today's troubled times, and to live real life...right now. 
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Black, Conrad
3 Black, Conrad Franklin Delano Roosevelt
new York Public Affairs 2003 1586481843 / 9781586481841 Hardcover Very Good 
A brilliant and provocative biography of Franklin Roosevelt -written by a leading newspaper publisher and staunch conservative. Franklin Delano Roosevelt stands astride American history like a colossus, having pulled the nation out of the Great Depression and led it to victory in the Second World War. Elected to four terms as president, he transformed an inward-looking country into the greatest superpower the world had ever known. Only Abraham Lincoln did more to save America from destruction. But FDR is such a large figure that historians tend to take him as part of the landscape, focusing on smaller aspects of his achievements or carping about where he ought to have done things differently. Few have tried to assess the totality of FDR's life and career. Conrad Black rises to the challenge. In this magisterial biography, Black makes the case that FDR was the most important person of the twentieth century, transforming his nation and the world through his unparalleled skill as a domestic politician, war leader, strategist, and global visionary -all of which he accomplished despite a physical infirmity that could easily have ended his public life at age thirty-nine. Black also takes on the great critics of FDR, especially those who accuse him of betraying the West at Yalta. Black opens a new chapter in our understanding of this great man, whose example is even more inspiring as a new generation embarks on its own rendezvous with destiny. 
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The Kennedy Men: three generations of sex, scandal and secrets, Bly, Nellie
4 Bly, Nellie The Kennedy Men: three generations of sex, scandal and secrets
Kensington Books 1966 1575661063 / 9781575661063 paperback Good 
The facts of their lives are the stuff of legend. Few families have been more famous, more photographed, more admired and vilified than the Kennedys. Many truths revealed: 32 pages of revealing photographs. 
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5 Bryan, Catherine F. At the Gates
Broadman Press 1949 Hardcover Good 
Life story of Matthew Tyson and Eliza Moring Yates of China. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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Prisoners of Hope, Curry, Dayna and Heather Mercer
6 Curry, Dayna and Heather Mercer Prisoners of Hope
Water Brook Press 2002 1578566452 / 9781578566457 Hardcover Like New 
The story of captivity and freedom in Afghanistan. Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry decided to go to help people who needed help. Their faith led them to Afghanistan. One women who knows them best put it this way: They had a calling to serve the poorest of the poor, and Afghanistan is where that calling took them. And Heather and Dayna's faith in God sustained them throughout their ordeal. It's a wonderful story about prayer, about a faith that can sustain people in good times and in bad times. Their faith was a source of hope that kept them from becoming discouraged. Within a few months of arriving in Afghanistan, their lives were thrown into chaos as they became pawns in historic international events. They were arrested by the ruling Taliban government for telling local people about Jesus and how he had changed their lives. In the middle of their trial, the events of September 11, 2001, led to the international war on terrorism, with the Taliban a primary target. Feary Curry and Mercer could not survive in the midst of war, Christians across America and around the world prayed faithfully for their safe return, and in November their prayers were answered. 
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F. D. R. my exploited Father-in-law, Dall, Curtis B.
7 Dall, Curtis B. F. D. R. my exploited Father-in-law
Liberty Lobby 1968 fifth printing Paperback Acceptable 

Price: 1.50 USD
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Susanna Wesley, Servant of God, Dengler Sandy
8 Dengler Sandy Susanna Wesley, Servant of God
Chicago, Illinois Moody Press 1987 080248414X / 9780802484147 Paprback Good - previous owners name inside cover 
This is the story of Susanna Wesley, mother of Charles and John Wesley, who were founders of the Methodist Church. She was a  bright, beautiful woman whose life was turbulent but whose faith never wavered. 
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Alexander of Macedon, 356-323 B.C., Green, Peter
9 Green, Peter Alexander of Macedon, 356-323 B.C.
Los Angeles University of California Press 1991 0520071654 / 9780520071650 Hardcover Like New 
Until recently, popular biographers and most scholars viewed Alexander the Great as a genius with a plan, a romantic figure pursuing his vision of a united world. His dream was at times characterized as a benevolent interest in the brotherhood of man, sometimes as a brute interest in the exercise of power. Green, a Cambridge-trained classicist who is also a novelist, portrays Alexander as both a complex personality and a single-minded general, a man capable of such diverse expediencies as patricide or the massacre of civilians. Green describes his Alexander as "not only the most brilliant (and ambitious) field commander in history, but also supremely indifferent to all those administrative excellences and idealistic yearnings foisted upon him by later generations, especially those who found the conqueror, tout court, a little hard upon their liberal sensibilities." This biography begins not with one of the universally known incidents of Alexander's life, but with an account of his father, Philip of Macedonia, whose many-territoried empire was the first on the continent of Europe to have an effectively centralized government and military. What Philip and Macedonia had to offer, Alexander made his own, but Philip and Macedonia also made Alexander form an important context for understanding Alexander himself. Yet his origins and training do not fully explain the man. After he was named hegemon of the Hellenic League, many philosophers came to congratulate Alexander, but one was conspicuous by his absence: Diogenes the Cynic, an ascetic who lived in a clay tub. Piqued and curious, Alexander himself visited the philosopher, who, when asked if there was anything Alexander could do for him, made the famous reply, "Don't stand between me and the sun." Alexander's courtiers jeered, but Alexander silenced them: "If I were not Alexander, I would be Diogenes." This remark was as unexpected in Alexander as it would be in a modern leader. For the general reader, the book, redolent with gritty details and fully aware of Alexander's darker side, offers a gripping tale of Alexander's career. Full backnotes, fourteen maps, and chronological and genealogical tables serve readers with more specialized interests. 
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C. T. Studd Cricketer & Pioneer, Grubb, Norman
10 Grubb, Norman C. T. Studd Cricketer & Pioneer
Christian Literature Crusade 1944 0875082025 / 9780875082028 paperback Good - Past library sticker inside cover 
The definitive biography on the life of C.T. Studd, the founder of WEC International. 
Price: 4.00 USD
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Queen, Haley's Alex
11 Haley's Alex Queen
New York William Morrow & Co. 1993 0688063314 / 9780688063313 Hard Cover Very good 

Price: 4.00 USD
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American Scoundrel The life of the notorious civil war general Dan Sickles, Keneally, thomas
12 Keneally, thomas American Scoundrel The life of the notorious civil war general Dan Sickles
Doubleday 2002 0385501390 / 9780385501392 Hardcover Like new yes 
On the last Sunday of February 1859, Dan Sickles, a charming young congressman from New York, murdered his good friend Philip Barton Key (son of Francis Scott Key)–who was also his wife’s lover–in Washington’s Lafayette Square. The shooting took place directly across the street from the White House, the home of Sickles’s friend and protector, President James Buchanan. Sickles turned himself in; political friends in New York’s Tammany Hall machinery, including the dynamic criminal lawyer James Brady, quickly gathered around. While his beautiful young wife was banned from public life and shunned by society, Dan Sickles was acquitted. American Scoundrel is the extraordinary story of this powerful mid-nineteenth century politician and inveterate womanizer, whose irresistible charms and rock-solid connections not only allowed him to get away with murder — literally — but also paved the way to a stunning career. Once free to resume his life, Dan Sickles raised a regiment for the Union political elite and went on to become a general in the army, rising to the rank of brigadier general and commanding a flank at the Battle of Gettysburg in a maneuver so controversial it is still argued over by scholars today. After losing a leg in that battle, Sickles fought on and after the war became military governor of South Carolina, and later was named minister to Spain, where he continued astonishingly to conduct his amorous assignations. With great brio and insight — and a delight in bad behavior — Thomas Keneally has brought to light a tale of American history that resonates with uncomfortable truths about our politics, ethics, and morality 
Price: 10.00 USD
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Peter the Great, Klyuchevsky, Vasili
13 Klyuchevsky, Vasili Peter the Great
Vintage Books 1961 Vintage edition Paperback Acceptable - Underlining throughout book 
A biography of one of Russia's most historic leaders, Peter the Great. 
Price: 1.50 USD
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The life and tiems of Rembrant, Loon, Hendrick Willem van
14 Loon, Hendrick Willem van The life and tiems of Rembrant
Bantam Books 1957 Paperback Good - Tanning on edges due to age and light. 

Price: 1.50 USD
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Bishoip G. Bromley OXNAM paladin of Liberal Protestantism, Miller, Robert Moats
15 Miller, Robert Moats Bishoip G. Bromley OXNAM paladin of Liberal Protestantism
Abingdon Press 1990 0687035643 / 9780687035649 Hardcover Like New yes 

Price: 25.00 USD
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I Remember It Well, Mnnelli's, Vincente
16 Mnnelli's, Vincente I Remember It Well
Berkley Publishing 1974 Paperback Good - Shelf wear, Text and photos are clean 
Over 100 photos! As a husband to superstar Judy Garland and father to superstar Liza Minnelli, few motion picture director's personal lives have been as extravagantly splashed in headlines has Vicente Minnelli's. Here for the first time, the Academy Award winning director not only speaks intimately of that bittersweet marriage, that talented and treasured daughter, but shares with you the heart warming memories of one of the most fascinating show business careers of our time. 
Price: 2.00 USD
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Samuel Pepy's Diary, Parker, Willlis L.
17 Parker, Willlis L. Samuel Pepy's Diary
Three Sirens Press 1932 Hardcover Very Good - clean copy cover with little wear to aging Randolph Adler 

Price: 18.00 USD
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Charlie Two Shoes and the Marines of Love Company, Peterson, Michael and David Perlmutt
18 Peterson, Michael and David Perlmutt Charlie Two Shoes and the Marines of Love Company
Naval Press Institue 1998 1557506728 / 9781557506726 Hardcover New 
This is the tale of an eleven-year-old Chinese boy, Tsui Chi Hsii - better known by his American name Charlie Tsui, or Charlie Two Shoes - who was befriended by a company of U.S. Marines sent to China in 1945 shortly after the end of World War II. Malnourished and often cold, Charlie lived in a mud hut just beyond the barbed wire protecting the men of Love Company, 4th Marines, 1st Marine Division. The Marines gave him food and clothing, taught him English, sent him to church, and paid for his schooling. But when the communists took over China in 1949, Love Company was forced out of the country, and Charlie was left behind. Back home the Marines moved on with their lives, yet they could not forget their young friend. Charlie, refusing to denounce his connection with the Americans, suffered immensely at the hands of the Maoist government. After thirty-five years, seventeen as a political prisoner, he finally managed to contact some of his old Marine Corps friends. They, in turn, joined together again to help bring Charlie to America. Numerous obstacles had to be overcome, but eventually, with irrepressible pluck, Charlie made his way to the United States in 1983, and two years later he was able to bring his family to this country as well - a true realization of the American dream. 
Price: 15.95 USD
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Midstream Lincoln The President, Randall, J. G.
19 Randall, J. G. Midstream Lincoln The President
Dodd & Mead Company 1952 Hardcover Very good - normal shelf wear Clean text and photos clean and bright 
"Dr. Randall is known to scholars throughout the land as the profoundest living student of Lincoln's career. In his writings, marked by keenness of insight and independence of judgment as well as thoroughness of research, he sets forth what is in many respects a new Lincoln; the fullest, clearest, and most accurate portrait of Lincoln in the critical years of the Civil War yet presented. I its destruction of old fables and errors, its marshaling of new material, and its fine interpretation of Lincoln's mid and personality, the biography stands out as a great landmark." - Allen Nevins, Department of History, Columbian University. 
Price: 5.00 USD
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I Remember, Rather, Dan with Peter Wyden
20 Rather, Dan with Peter Wyden I Remember
Little Brown and Company 1991 0316734403 / 9780316734400 Hardcover Good 
Dan Rather's memoir about growing up in Texas during the late 1930s and early 1940s is a portrait of family and community life during that time and of a country just recovering from the Great Depression and on the brink of World War II. 
Price: 3.00 USD
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